June 11, 2020

26 years after their last album, Switzerland’s Death / Thrashers MESSIAH will release the successor to their “Underground” record from 1994. The new album “Fracmont” will be released via High Roller Records on September 11, 2020. Prior to the album a 3-song EP (with songs that won’t be on the album) will be released. The EP will be entitled “Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe” and contains a brand new song (title track) and re-recorded versions of ‘Space Invaders’ (from the band’s 1986 debut album “Hymn To Abramelin”) as well as the title track of the second album “Extreme Cold Weather” (1987). The EP will be available on August 07, 2020 on CD and vinyl. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Little Creek Studio Switzerland in March / April 2020 by V.O. Pulver and the cover artwork was created by Björn Gooßes (Killustrations.com). The current line-up of MESSIAH features Andy Kaina on vocals, Brögi on guitars, Patrick Hersche on bass and Steve Karrer on drums. For all additional information check out www.facebook.com/messiahthrashingmadness

Icelandic Black Metal duo HELFRÓ has just released a video for the song ‘Musteri Agans’, taken from the band’s self-titled debut record, at this location. It was created by Guilherme Henriques. More about HELFRÓ at www.facebook.com/helfroice

Slovak / Swiss old school Black / Deathers DOMINION OF SUFFERING are streaming their upcoming debut album “The Birth Of Hateful Existence” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on June 15, 2020 via Slovak Metal Army on CD format (Necroeucharist Productions will be handling the vinyl release). For more information please visit www.facebook.com/dominion-of-suffering-band-577965729346417

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