March 10, 2023

Swedish Death Metallers OMNICIDAL have just revealed their new single ‘WWD’ over here. The song will be featured on the band’s debut full length “The Omnicidalist”, which will be released on April 07, 2023 via Non Serviam Records on digipak CD and digitally. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘By Knife’, ‘WWD’, ‘The Passenger’, ‘Cemetary Scream’, ‘Infernum’, ‘The Neverborn’, ‘The Reaping’, ‘Narcissistic Abuse’, ‘Ten Shots’ and ‘Slow Decay’. All backing tracks of the album were recorded live at Soundport studio, while the vocals and solos were recorded at Jordaniusounds studio in Borås. The entire material was mixed and mastered by Mikael MRG Andersson at Soundport studio. You can follow OMNICIDAL at

On May 05, 2023 Edged Circle Productions will release “Forfedrenes Taarer”, the debut album from Norwegian Black Metallers HEIMLAND, on vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. You can already listen to the first single ‘Skugger Fra Ein Svunnen Tid’ at this location. The album’s complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Dødens Foerstning’, ‘Ved Dødens Vugge’, ‘Lagt I Ruiner’, ‘Iskald Raatten Jord’, ‘Forfedrenes Taarer’, ‘Skugger Fra Ein Svunnen Tid’ and ‘Ættestupet’. The cover artwork was created by Johan Christian Dahl. For more HEIMLAND information please visit

“High Tales”, the new EP from Russian Black Metallers DRAKON, will be released as a jewelcase CD via Sleaszy Rider on April 07, 2023. It was mixed and mastered by Theodor Borovski (ALKONOST, DISSECTOR) and the cover artwork was created by Alexander Tartsus (BALFOR, DEPRAVITY, SINISTER, KZOHH). The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Providence Of Russian Blood’, ‘Timevortex’, ‘God Of War’, ‘Life Demise’ (UNANIMATED cover) and ‘Fenris’ (ENSLAVED cover). A lyric video for the EP opener ‘Providence Of Russian Blood’ can already be watched at this location. More about DRAKON at,

On March 15, 2023 Me Saco Un Ojo Records, in co-operation with Rotted Life Records, will release “Sabazios Culte”, the debut demo from Canadian Death Metallers DÉCRYPTAL, on cassette tape format. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Pendu Par Phobethor’, ‘Virulence Ectoplasmique’, ‘Les Barques Volantes De Sarnath’, ‘Flétrissement’ and ‘Sabazios Culte’. A full stream is already available over here. For all additional information please visit or

Puerto Rico based Thrashers CALAMITY have just released a video for their new single ‘Call To Me’ at this location. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming third full length “Lumina”, which will be released later this year. For regular updates make sure to follow them at

DEMONSTEALER, the technical symphonic Death Metal solo project of Indian Metal musician and multi-instrumentalist Sahil Makhija (DEMONIC RESURRECTION), has just revealed the title track from his upcoming fourth full length “The Propaganda Machine”. You can watch a video for it over here. The album will be released on March 31, 2023 via Black Lion Records on CD, vinyl LP, cassette tape and digitally. “The Propaganda Machine” features guest contributions from Hannes Grossmann (ALKALOID, TRIPTYKON, BLOTTED SCIENCE), Martino Garattoni (NE OBLIVISCARIS, ANCIENT BARDS) and Ken Bedene (ABORTED). It was mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland and the artwork was created by Daemorph Art. Black Lion Records will also be re-releasing the back catalogue of DEMONSTEALER on CD and digitally. All further information you will find at

On May 26, 2023 Dying Victims Productions will release “Serpent Storm”, the sophomore full length from Polish blackened Heavy Metal four piece ARMAGH, on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Woman From The Hills’, ‘Howling Of The Black Wind’, ‘Into The Fumes Of Deutero-Steel’, ‘Shadow Walkers’, ‘Mhacha’s Height’, ‘Storm Over Satanic City’, ‘Industrial District Fever’, ‘Beyond The Night’, ‘Flattened Rats’ and ‘Death Is Near’. A special promo medley of the album can already be checked out at this location. More ARMAGH info is available at

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