March 14, 2020

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Chicago, Illinois based blackened Death Metallers IMPERIAL SAVAGERY. The band consists of current / ex – members of CORPSEVOMIT, LIVIDITY, GIGAN, KOMMANDANT, ENVY THE DEAD, THE EVERSCATHED, ENMORTEM, NACHTMYSTIUM, EVIL INCARNATE and SONS OF FAMINE. Their second full length “Lashing The Feral Swine” will be released on April 24, 2020. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Churchgate Proclamation’, ‘Appalled In Disgraced Ruin’, ‘Claiming Dominion’, ‘Frozen Ritual Of Shame’, ‘From Advent To Casket’, ‘Burned Upon Rebirth’, ‘Kiloton Crucifix Detonation’, ‘Inverting The Province Of Scripture’ and ‘Vengeance Over Virtue’. You can already stream the album track ‘From Advent To Casket’ over here. More IMPERIAL SAVAGERY info at

“Eleventh Formulae”, the third album from Indonesian Death Metallers EXHUMATION, is available on cassette via Lycanthropic Chants now (33 copies as a special edition in a slipcase made of golden paper, a white snap box and a white tape, 111 copies as a regular edition on red tape). All tapes are hand-numbered and come with 3 panel j-card and include a free digital download. You can listen to one of the songs at this location. All additional information you will find at

On April 10, 2020 Caligari Records will release “It Dwells Amongst Us”, the debut mini album from Seattle, Washington based Death Metal three piece NOROTH, on cassette tape format. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Shadow, My Patriarch’, ‘Ironclad, Primitive Intent’, ‘Cerberus’, ‘Mount Ov Misery’, ‘Extinction, Prisoner Ov Splendor’, ‘Blistering Eyes’, ‘It Dwells Amongst Us’ and ‘Vengeful Tribulation’. The opener is already available for streaming here. For more NOROTH info please visit

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