May 06, 2021

Sliedrecht, the Netherlands based brutal old school Death Metallers SEPIROTH will release their third full length “Condemned To Suffer” via Petrichor in June 2021. You can already listen to the band’s new single ‘Destined Between The Eyes’ at this location. More about SEPHIROTH at

Belarusian Black Metallers ZMIARCVIELY are streaming their debut demo “Čornaje Połymia” in its entirety at this location now. It was released via Caligari Records today. For ordering information check out or

German Death Metallers CASKET have just premiered a lyric video for ‘The Rope’ over here. The track will be featured on their upcoming new release “Urn”, which will be released on June 04, 2021 via Neckbreaker Records on CD, gatefold vinyl and digitally. The album features the following tracks: ‘Bombing Graves’, ‘The Rope’, ‘Amnesia’, ‘To Separate The Flesh From The Bone’, ‘Final Predicament’, ‘Onwards To Destruction’ (Live), ‘Kill The Red Lamb’ (Live) and ‘Faces Of The Dead’ (Live). The coverart was created by Roberto Toderico. All further CASKET info you will find at

Calgary, Vancouver based Thrash / Death / Speed Metal project VIDEO NASTY will release their self-titled debut mini album via Petrichor this month. It will be available on CD, LP (180 grams black, neon pink and clear / red merge vinyl) and cassette tape (pink cassette). You can check out the track ‘Castle Freak’ here. More about VIDEO NASTY at

On August 01, 2021 Nuclear War Now! Productions will release “Teyacanilitztli Nahualli”, the third demo from Colombia / California based Black Metallers IXTLAHUAC, on vinyl LP format. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Huehuecoyotl’, ‘Ixlthaucán De Los Brujos’, ‘Guía Mistico: Xoloitzcuintle’, ‘Nahuallotl (Magia) Negra’, ‘Ritual De Fuego Nuevo’, ‘Xolotl: 4 Puntos Cardinales (Outro)’, ‘Rito Ceremonial En La Zona Negativa’ (ENGENDRO MALÉVOLO cover, bonus track) and ‘Coatlicue Nunca Muere’ (bonus track). A full demo stream is available here. For all additional information please visit or

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