Age Of Satanic Enlightenment

“Short but sweet” says an old M.O.D. song, “short but bittersweet” would fit in case of 9TH PLAGUE, because whereas musically and lyrically the Swedish blasphemers know exactly how to create dark, satanic Death Metal à la old MORBID ANGEL, the weak vocals add the bitter to the sweet. The band’s first demo in 2002 could impress me as you might know from my review back then, but to be honest I had been a little bit too soft on the singer’s lame performance, my fault, sorry, but I think on a band’s first demo one can tolerate this… Now two years later on “Age Of Satanic Enlightenment” it becomes obvious and the only disappointment on this otherwise well done demo. Vocalist Tony Richter uses ordinary old school bellows and though succeeding in creating a coherent delivery of the lyrics’ blasphemous content, he fails in doing it with enough passion, possession and brutality! Riffing, drumming and this slightly muddy old school sound are just great and if the man on the mike works very, very hard on his performance 9TH PLAGUE might become really cool although they are definitely 100% unoriginal, but that should only delight Death Metal “traditionalists”, right? So, give your best, Tony and maybe demo three will be excellent… The demo can be purchased for 40 SEK / 5 € (Europe) / 7$ (world), wholesale’s possible too, the CDR comes along with a full-covered cover and you should send your money to 9TH PLAGUE, c/o Tony Richter, PO Box 9048, S-250 09 Helsingborg, Sweden. Website: www.9thplague.com Email: nekrologium@hotmail.com

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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