Evil Manifestations Against Mankind
(Schattenkult Produktionen)

This is the third album of this necro Black Metal band from Sweden, a kind of band that usually sticks to release things on tape in limited quantities so for people to know about them is quite hard. Yet, here it is done on CD. This is the kind of Black Metal that has that grim feeling, yet the guitars are not exactly that loud or heavy. It recalls primitive Black Metal like early BURZUM, IMMORTAL and of course BATHORY but more ethereal to describe their sound. The band members are also active in tons of other raw and occult Black Metal bands. Of all those many bands I know quite well SVARTRIT which are still Black Metal but heading more towards a DISSECTION – esque style. Well, this CD and most of the material the band has done, follow a very similar path, it has that atmospheric aura, with distant guitars and vocals almost like whispers. Although I do appreciate this kind of Metal, a heavier approach is always welcome. But for those looking for atmospheric Black Metal, I am sure they will find something here.

Julián “Thorns Of Damnation” Nuñez

Julián "Thorns Of Damnation" Nuñez

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