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Aaaah, Mr. Holocausto Vengeance, we missed you! BEHERIT are back and in full force! Well at the very least in “Drawing Down The Moon” force, as this new CD “Engram” is very similar to the aforementioned in its sounds. “Because I just fuckin’ hate this world!” spoken by a nice and calm Finnish voice starts this off and ‘Axiom Heroine’ begins in a good midpaced BEHERIT vein and stops at about 1:52 minutes and at 2 minutes the onslaught begins!! Great simple riffs attack you mercilessly! Great stuff! Then ‘Destroyer Of Thousand Worlds’ attacks without remorse and you are assured BEHERIT is back! ‘All In Satan’ is a powerful fast track as well and BEHERIT are scoring an 11 out of 10 in my book! Then ‘Pagan Moon’ begins and oh shit, oh no! Whenever anything like Pagan “Metal” or Pagan this or that is mentioned it’s usually artsy fartsy folksy skin flute playing bullshit and yeah some pretty rain and acoustic guitar begins this track but have no fear as BEHERIT is still here. And then the Metal begins anew with a good BEHERIT mid-paced song that will have you banging your heads for Satan in no time! Then we have ‘Pimeyden Henki’ and the attack is on again! Then ‘Suck My Blood’ is another fucking rager for the dark one that you must experience! Things end off with ‘Demon Advance’ that starts off slow and stays that way throughout and adds all the freaky BEHERIT instrumentation that you thought might have been forsaken on the faster songs. Evil and atmospheric in the vein of other BEHERIT dark songs. All of this is great stuff picking up where “Drawing…” left off as opposed to the drum machine on ‘Messe Des Morts’ and the all out sleep inducing ‘Hvou812’ or whatever the hell that naptime was called. BEHERIT are back and you must get this ASAP!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRG! 666 Horns up!!,

Luis M. L. Sallard

Luis M. L. Sallard

BEHERIT - At The Devil’s Studio 1990 (Nathan Shapiro)
BEHERIT - The Oath Of The Black Blood (Luxi Lahtinen )

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