Issue # 3
(76 pages, half-sized, printed, in English)

BELLS OF ACHERON, one of Colombia’s finest zines (if not THE finest), has finally returned with its # 3, which is actually already the fourth issue since editor Jesus Claros originally started out with # 0 a couple of years ago. And if you already enjoyed the previous issues, you can blindly order this one as well, since everything basically has stayed the same. And that is perfectly fine with me (if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right?). Due to the rather small letter size you once again get plenty of stuff to read on the 76 half-sized pages and as usual the interviews are highly interesting and very in-depth. When it comes to the selected bands I personally enjoyed the previous issue a little more (since it featured a lot of my personal favorites), but hey, tastes are different and a lot of you reading this, will most certainly also get the same kick out of the content this time. This issue # 3 includes interviews with DEATH COURIER, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, XENOTAPH, AGONY LORDS, HYPNOSIA, VANHELGD, SORCERER, BLOOD FARMERS, FORCED KILL, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, FUNERAL NATION, INFERNAL SLAUGHTER, CHANCRO DURO, UNDER THE CHURCH, BLACK JESUS, MACHETAZO, INFERNUS SERPEST and DESTINO ENTIERRO, a Gama Records special (featuring interviews with DARKNESS, NECRONOMICON and STRANGER), a section called "King Fowley adventures" and an interview with Jose Luis Cano (editor of the book "Black Metal Y Sus Antecedentes Siniestros En El Rock Y El Heavy Metal 1960 – 1994"). The zine gets completed with 16 pages of album-, EP-, demo- and zine-reviews. The overall printing quality is pretty good and the layout has this nice old school vibe to it. I also love the size of the zine a lot, as it’s a relaxed reading that way. Unfortunately there’s small text passages that obviously got lost in some of the interviews or reviews (probably while it was layouted), and the English language could be improved a little here and there as well. But at the end of the day all that doesn’t really matter too much, so don’t hesitate too long and support these guys by ordering yourself a copy. Don’t know the prices, but you can easily find out be contacting Jesus via,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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