Issue # 4
(80 pages, half-sized, printed, in English)

If you would like to know more about Colombia’s excellent BELLS OF ACHERON zine, please check out my reviews on issue 0 – 4 here on the site, because I would probably only repeat myself when I praise the newest issue of this cool underground rag in the same way again and again. BELLS OF ACHERON # 4 follows the tradition of the previous 3 issues and should once more please all those of you who really miss the “good old times”, when there was no internet yet and fanzines were still the only way to find out about exciting new bands and releases. This is no full colored, high glossy magazine with a lame content that gets dictated by advertisments, but pure fuckin’ underground stuff and in that respect the interviews of this issue once again speak for themselves: Chris “Vulcano” Broadway (ABOMINATOR, IGNIVOMOUS, CEMETERY URN), ATOMIC AGGRESSOR, VENOMOUS BREATH, BELLIGERENT INTENT, BHARGEST, BLOODFIEND, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR, CZORT, DEATHFUCKER, DESECRATION, EURYNOMOS, THE EVIL, EXTERMINATION ANGEL, GOAT SEMEN, IN NOMINE, PROSCRITO, PUTRID OFFAL, RUIN, STONE DEMONS, Juan Carlos Ruiz (MUTILADOR fanzine), Hervé Herbaut (OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS) and Joseph Curwen (UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, who talks about their album “Teufelsbücher”). I still miss a short introduction for each of the featured bands and their contact address and / or website URL, which would make it a lot easier to get in touch with them. But hey, that’s just my personal preferences. The “King Fowley Adventures” section continues and this time it is dedicated to his trip to New York way back in the 80s when he and a bunch of friends went to see shows of CARNIVORE / OVERKILL / VENOM and VOI VOD / CRO-MAGS / VENOM. And in another section called “Born Too Late” Sérgio (HEADHUNTER D.C.), Huaria (NOISE AND SHIT zine) and Dopi (PREMATURE BURIAL) talk about bands that they discovered very late in their career (Dopi’s part unfortunately wasn’t translated into english). The usual review sections (“Tapes Of Terror”, “Pages Of Blood” and “Special Fucking Reviews”) complete another fine issue, which you can order from editor Jesus Claros at Make sure to visit his blog as well, where he also features a lot of underground stuff:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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