Night Is Indifferent
(Klaxon Productions)

Bone Awl, the first assault from Klaxon Productions of California, is harsh, raw, and almost unlistenable Black fuckin’ Metal. The best way to describe these five tracks of seething hatred is to take two parts Carpathian Forest, one part Burzum, add some lyrics that (for once) don’t break every rule of English grammar, crank the upper mid-range and high end on the mixing desk, and Bone Awl will come blasting forward. The music is mostly fast, fairly tight, and utterly hateful – ideal for the younger Black Metal crowd. Professionally printed folding cardstock cover with some rather tasteless art / photos, all ornamented with gothic script text. The Totenkopfs mit Eichenlaub are more than a little predictable for this kind of Black Metal, but probably par for the course. Issued in a limited edition of 400 copies. Contact

Charles Keller

Charles Keller

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