Excarnastrial Commencination
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Are you ready for some sulphurous detonations right between your left and right ear? I hope you are, cause BRAHMASTRIKA are going to take no prisoner! Little is known about this duo except for their headquarter, currently located in Calcutta, India. It’s basically impossible to track down their identity, email address or even just the smallest piece of reliable information; nonetheless, this ferocious combo is seemingly looking forward to having you listen to their very first demo tape / CD, euphonically entitled “Excarnastrial Commencination”, out now on both CD and tape via noise worshipping German label Dunkelheit Produktionen. My theory on BRAHMASTRIKA’s mystic secrecy revolves around the fact that they are, basically, two malignant Vedic Asuras invoked by some noisy War Metal aficionado to launch fireballs and maledictions upon mankind. This might give you a hint about the duo’s sound: sheer yelling terror with slightly downtuned riffage and barely audible, ride cymbal-driven blast beasts. Some song titles are works of art in their own right (check out ‘Irradiated Ejaculate Onto The Swasti-Quasar’ and its otherworldly screams of pain) but the overall sonic result could baffle the more peaceful Metal listener, if there ever is any. There is a genuine sense of freshness and aggression in BRAHMASTRIKA’s music, but still, I would recommend this to experienced noise lovers with a refined passion for speaker-blowing, ever-clipping, demon-vomiting records strictly. Since there is now way to get in touch with these guys, you can just try and visit or maybe keep an eye on the sky to see if any evil constellation alignment takes place. That will surely mean BRAHMASTRIKA are not far…

Giorgio Trombino

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