Issue # 6
(58 pages, A4, printed, in English)

This magazine is from Bulgaria, an unusual country when it comes to extreme music. BRUTALLICA is devoted to Death Metal mostly, with Black Metal bands featured here and there. The magazine is presented in a very professional manner, with glossy paper and a full coloured cover. The layout reminds me of the defunct X-TREME NOIZE and THRASH AND BURN, and TERRORIZER also. Editor-in-chief Chavdar Tzachhov and crew are obviously honest and dedicated people, devoted to the cause of the international underground. This issue features very interesting interviews, with not-so-often featured band like AVULSED, SOLSTICE(UK), PANDEMIA, INCANTATION and VOMITORY for example, and tons and tons of reviews (the cover says 400, I had not the courage to check out!). The type setting is very small, so one page in BRUTALLICA equals two in the current mainstream Metal magazines. But here comes the better: along with the mag, you get not one but two compilation CDs which present you no less than 47 (!!!) bands; the cover art is drawn by no other than Malaysian artist Desmond Sia, known for his work with IMPIETY and ABHORRENCE. Among the strongest point of this magazine is that each contributor is not afraid to ask unusual questions to the musicians to somewhat catch them off-balance and this way break the mold of run of the mill interviews. Also, BRUTALLICA is a truly international magazine since it features bands from not very known scenes, the Malaysian one for example. The only minor problem I see lies in the reviews: they are precise and to the point, ok – but the ratings given are all very high, so it becomes difficult to sort out what is really of interest. But all in all, BRUTALLICA is a class magazine made by class people deserving to be supported. I guarantee you will be not disappointed! Contact Chavdar at to get informations about the better way to get your issue; be aware that a lot of underground distros like Repulse keep the magazine in stock also.

Edouard Vergriete

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