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Anaximander believed that the ultimate reality is infinite, where the opposites are generated for the formation of the world. Everything is created from Ápeiron and it’s destroyed by going back to itself. This asseveration is completely related to CAVERNUS’ first full-length, which is named like the concept idealized by this pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. Musical tones developed against the underground musical contemporaneity, to neither old age nor decay. CAVERNUS is a Death / Black Metal entity that was formed during 2018 in Querétaro, México. To this day, CAVERNUS have released an EP in the same year of its conception (“Non Omnis Moriar”) and their first LP “Ápeiron” via Iron, Blood And Death Corporation. CAVERNUS is a duo, whose line-up is conformed by Milton Núñez (voice and guitar) and Eduardo Vieyra (drums), enough people to conceive a piece of technical brutality. “Ápeiron” has ten songs in total, of which four are interludes with acoustic guitar and piano / organ, so that listener won’t succumb to an hearing fatigue. Every song has different riffs, bestial drums and great howls turned into vomits that can make a young being cry (‘La Noche Del Vampiro’ is a perfect example of this). The cover art and logo where made by Bruja XIII and can be appreciated as the continuation of the concept that appears in the debut EP of CAVERNUS, “Non Omnis Moriar”. The same creatures emerge in an ancient disarray and the technique of the painting is something that could compete with most known graphic artists in these fashionable days. When I listen to a band or a whole album for the first time, I put special attention to small details, like the sound or structures that had amazed and kept me listening to it or just repeating the song over and over again. In this case, CAVERNUS just blew my ears in the first 23 seconds. The ‘Intro’ is pure madness and chaos. The type of riffs in “Ápeiron” could be identified with raw Black Metal (‘La Noche Del Vampiro’ and ‘ Through The Icy Flames Of Darkness… ‘ ), dissonant Death Metal (‘Black Magick Hell’ and ‘Post Mortem’) or even some melodic compositions (at 2:23 minutes of ‘Black Magick Hell’). CAVERNUS is not a copycat, they are not War Metal, their essence is the lack of monotony, the existence of aggresivity and ideals structured into music. When I assumed that nothing could overcome the nine compositions of “Ápeiron”, ‘Remembrance Of The Dormant’ finished the album with melancholy and introspections made on keys. CAVERNUS is one of the best acts in Mexico nowadays, so if you are into those bands that affirm to play old school genres, you should not listen to this. If you hate those terms, CAVERNUS is for you. More info at:,

José Alejandro “Creyente de Peperiths” Zúñiga Gutiérrez

José Alejandro "Creyente de Peperiths" Zúñiga Gutiérrez

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