Larvae Tedeum Teratos
(Weed Hunter Records)

Most of you should know by now that Chile has an excellent extreme Metal scene with a lot of great, very uncompromising acts. The duo CENOTAFIO from Temuco is already active for a few years in the underground and released some demos, an album and recently a split-tape with the German INTO COFFIN. Nearly at the same time, they have a new album ready, “Larvae Tedeum Teratos”, presented on tape by Weed Hunter Records. And this album is some of the most morbid ones in Death Metal I heard the last few years. The haunting sacral intro already promises very intense stuff and the opener ‘El Martirio’ keeps this promise in an impressing way. A very doomy beginning with some gloomy growling haunts the listener before a raw and damn dark musical massacre paves the way for a great Death Metal song with breaks and a restless darkness. The following, including the outro piece nearly nine minute long ‘La Apoptosis’ is nearly even better. It’s a veritable bloodbath that should please any Death Metal lunatic completely. The two either long songs on the second side of the tape are of the same astonishing brutal quality, be it the difficile, yet bloody carnage ‘La Sentencia Y La Plaga’ or the final ‘Maleficae’, one of the gloomiest roller coaster rides ever. And the final, very nightmarish outro is in a way the icing of the cake. Four morbid masterpieces should be four very fine reasons for any Death Metal aficionado to get “Larvae Tedeum Teratos” as soon as possible. The superbly laid out tape version is limited to just 100 copies, so be quick and visit: http://weed-hunter-records.blogspot.de or www.facebook.com/wxhxr. In case you’d like to check out the band, go to cenotafio1.bandcamp.com. It’s damn well worth it!

Thomas Meyer

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