Redeeming Filth
(Agonia Records)

This is one of these times when two is better than one. Having one of the best Swedish old school Death Metal bands of this era, DEMONICAL, Martin and Sverker decided to bring the the now revered (but totally overlooked back in the day) CENTINEX back from the grave. “Redeeming Filth” starts with ‘Bodies Are Deformed’ and quickly shows why this had to be the opener, crushing and heavy riffs, pounding drums and a great performance of Alex (VOLTURYON) on vocals. Then ‘Moist Purple Skin’ continues this time with a mid-tempo double bass attack which gets heavier as the song falls into an ASPHYX type of doom. Now with ‘Death Glance’ we can clearly enjoy the traditional ‘Swedish core’ riffs that made bands like DISMEMBER and UNLEASHED famous, pure old school nostalgia. ‘Stone Of Choice’ and ‘Unrestrained’ keep the dark slow atmosphere like ‘Moist Purple Skin’. As the album continues with songs like ‘Bloodmaze’, ‘Without Motives’ you can tell CENTINEX are more focus than speed which is not necessary a bad thing since they fill all their songs with crunchy riffs that even that they’re from Sweden you can hear some classic Dutch Death Metal (90s era) like GOREFEST (especially on ‘Dead Buried And Forgotten’). The album finishes with ‘Eye Sockets Empty’ which I think it is the weakest track. In the end “Redeeming The Filth” could have been a great comeback record but just falls a little bit short when you think of what DEMONICAL has been doing and how great their latest albums are. Either way, it is not a bad album by no means and all of you who worship Swedish old school Death Metal may not have a problem with that after all. www.facebook.com/centinexofficial, www.agoniarecords.com

Rafael Bracero

Rafael Bracero

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