Maze Envy
(20 Buck Spin)

From the desolate lands of California, we have the second album from this Death Metal band that glooms and dooms like the world imminent end is coming. With a guitar sound that is skull crushing and devastating drums of damnation, this is the type of cavernous Metal like old masters INCANTATION or AUTOPSY, but that a lot of times also evokes old school Death / Grind in the vein of early NAPALM DEATH or CARCASS, where the songs have a lot of speed and at the end an asphyxiating aura. Obviously the vocals are of the low growls type, yet with more articulation than just unintelligible grunts. Although many bands in a similar style try to keep it cavernous simple, the band actually has a scent of more technicality in their sound, without sounding too complex. But there are certain things that reminded me of the early works of ATROCITY. And the band also has no problem of infusing elegant parts with melody, as in the song ‘Labyrinth Charm’, that in any case will end with the listener’s soul being crushed into heaviness and despair. I can hear very subtle keyboards here and there, which also reminds me that the band has an influence form that ’90s Death / Doom sound from the Netherlands, and that is always very good in my book. There’s obviously a lot of nostalgia in the sound of the band, yet they also add a lot of their own identity and it sounds fresh and powerful, no matter how much it reminds you of many bands. In the end very few are able to conjure it with this deadly results. Any Death Metal fan with doomed auras haunting their souls must check this band.,

Julián “Geryon (The Plummet)” Núñez

Julián "Geryon (The Plummet)" Núñez

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