The Contonuous Nothing
(Memento Mori)

Another little gem brought to us by this small Spanish label. A few months ago, they blew my mind with the new album from DYPIGUS, and now they bring us these Chilean brothers. Talking about Chile and Death Metal is something natural for those of us who have been in the underground scene for a long time. I still remember the first albums from UNDERCROFT, TORTURER, SADISM, TOTTEN KORPS, PENTAGRAM… well, all that background influences this new album from COFFIN CURSE a lot. Don’t think they are newcomers; they already have a previous album “Ceased To Be” from 2020 and several demos and singles, which I highly recommend checking out. But this new album is their best material both in production and artistically. Pure Death Metal in the style of IMMOLATION / MORBID ANGEL, you know what I mean; dark and heavy riffs, mixed with others more intricate and demonic (although this group deviates a bit from the demonic side and embraces darker and more typical themes of classic Death Metal). Sometimes you can see influences from their parallel band INANNA, which delves into more technical, intricate and even slightly progressive territories. Great technical level in the execution of the songs. The eight songs that make up this album never decline at any moment, no slow or mid-tempo ones… all go straight to the point. More info at:,

Oscar “evilcore666” Vazquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez

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