Ashes Coalesce
(Everlasting Spew Records)

As the world is coming down there is nothing more appropriate for this current uncertain times of madness and sickness than a Funeral / Doom / Death opus. Finland’s CONVOCATION has heard this call and has just released their second album, “Ashes Coalesce”. Under Everlasting Spew Records, this massive work of Doom, Death and grief is divided into 4 slow long compositions. This kicks off with ‘Martyrise’, a dense blend of low sounds that captures in a good way the essence behind this work: heavy riffs, slow drum patterns, cavernous vocals, and some atmospheric keys here and there. The structure is some kind of monotonous exercise that repeats every musical motif that fits perfectly in the almost 13 minutes of this march to the unknown. This funeral continues with the intense and suffocating ‘The Absence Of Grief’, a slower and longer track than the previous one. The introduction of some clean vocals and guitars, plus a piano close to the eight-minute, works as an appropriate break. The following track, ‘Misery Form’, reminds me of USA’s Doom / Death gods DUSK (just a bit because of the opening arpeggio). The fourth and last track here is the eight minutes instrumental one titled ‘Portal Closed’. Good choice to close this great piece of Doom and Death. LL and MN, the two only members of this Finnish act, have done a great job here. If you are a fan of this genre this must be in your collection. Good references could be COLOSSEUM, ESOTERIC, SKEPTICISM, the aforementioned DUSK, VOID OF SILENCE, etc. Maintain yourself informed about their next steps at Label contact here

Miguel Negrón

Miguel Negrón

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