The Stygian Rose
(Dark Descent Records)

In every Metal music style, there are always a number of bands that, despite their quality, remain somewhat in the background, overshadowed by others that have fortunately managed to connect more with the audience. The field we’re talking about is Epic Doom, and within it are CRYPT SERMON, a band that has been active since 2013 when they released their demo “MMXIII”, which introduced them to the public. Before the album we’re discussing, they have two other LPs, “Out Of The Garden” and “The Ruins Of Fading Light”, which received very good reviews and led them to share stages at various festivals alongside SODOM and INFERNÄL MÄJESTY. What does “The Stygian Rose” offer us? A very classic Epic Doom in its branch closest to the more classic Heavy Metal, at times bringing to mind strong memories of RAINBOW. The six tracks that make up the album never falter. Perhaps ‘Down In The Hollow’ is the one that speeds up the most, with some riffs brushing up against Power Metal. ‘Scrying Orb’ starts off as a ballad in the purest SCORPIONS style, ending in an epic manner. A band that will satisfy the most devoted fans of the genre and those close to the Heavy Metal side. A good album.,

Oscar “evilcore666” Vázquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vázquez

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