You'll Never Know Pleasure - Until You've Tasted Pain
(GS Productions)

German perverts DEAD have had a long career since its inception back in 1990. Purveyors of an obscene mix of Death Metal, Grindcore and Sleazy Rock’n’Roll, these guys have been releasing splits, 7" EPs and albums for 2 decades. And they continue their quality delivery up to this date. GS Productions has re-issued their debut album as a digipak CD, featuring new artwork and 2 bonus tracks, including a G.G. Allin cover, which I think fits them perfectly. Production wise, this album stands the test of time. Pounding drums, thick bass and guitar tone and a variety of growls, shrieks and screams that adds to the joyful listening experience. A full blast attack from a classic band that has earned its reputation in the underground. Released in 1990, "You’ll Never Know Pleasure…." manages to summarize the raw, "in your face" attitude of the early 90s scene (and still heavily reeks of classic CARCASS – Frank). In my humble opinion, this album is a must for any Metal fan, regardless of your personal preferences. This is full blast, shocking brutality as it was meant to be. This pressing is limited to 100 copies. So act fast! Contact the band here: and the label here:

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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