Opus Diabolae
(Unholy Fire Records)

Occult Doom Black / Death Metal from Germany. When a band comes from this land, I am always listening. And although I am more a fan of violent Metal, sometimes if done right, some real Doom Metal is always welcome. I do not expect Doom Metal just to be something played at turtle speed, no. Doom Metal is also related to the feeling of impending darkness falling over… and that is what few bands are able to capture. DOOMENTOR is going the right (or left) path on doing so. Yes, they do have certain CELTIC FROST and SAMAEL auras, but they also do have more traditional Doom as in CANDLEMASS and even TROUBLE with also some Occult Rock influence in there. The vocals are killer! Yes, they do sound like a young Xytraguptor, and they also use clear vocals, but doing so with prudence not to ruin the aura. There is also the use of keyboards, something that I usually try to stay away from, but when done also with good judgment it will add to the sinister aura, And in this case that is happening as one can hear in ‘Final Breath’. The sound aura is also quite adept for the band, it sounds clean, yet not too polished, and at times gives me a 90s sound essence. Although the band is not afraid to play with some melody, they always try to make it sound wicked and evil, and using a simple approach they surely create a great output as it can be experienced in the song ‘The Seance’. This one is a grower and for sure one of the best released this year. On CD, digipak A5 and vinyl. The hunt for angels is on…,

Julián “Warlord” Núñez

Julián “Warlord” Núñez

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