Issue # 4
(64 pages, A4, printed, in German)

Yep, I really like this zine and I’m glad they finally managed to bring a new issue out. This is already the fourth issue of this German written extreme music propaganda fanzine. And again those guys delivered a fine blend of Death, Thrash and Black Metal. You get some in depths and very interesting interviews with bands such as BY BRUTE FORCE (GER), DEW-SCENTED (GER), STEEL DEATH (GER), DISAVOWED (NL), DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT (GER), EUSOPHOBIA (GER), SOUL DEMISE (GER), GREED (GER), UNHALLOWED (USA), DORMITORY (GER) and tons of demo, fanzine and album reviews. The reviews are exceptionally long and very detailed and the writing style is fairly enjoyable and entertaining. These three Metal-Heads definitely don’t lick anyone’s ass but give us their honest opinions. ENDZEIT is a pure fucking piece of high quality underground literature. And the ENDZEIT crew demonstrates with every single word its true underground attitude and dedication to Metal. This fourth issue is professional printed and has a proper and clear layout. By the way, there is only ONE paid ad in this issue, Sönke, Stephan and Jens financed this zine completely on their own. So they really deserve your support. Highly recommended !!! Don’t hesitate and get your copy now!!! Contact: Sönke Tober, Memel Weg 3, 58553 Halver, Germany, endzeit@vr-web.de



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