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It is the season of new bands for my ears. FIEND, a French outfit with 14 years and an EP and a full length on their back, and now this second full length album "Seeress" released on Deadlight Entertainment, and still I hadn’t heard about them until a week ago. The album and its atmosphere is for sure something deadlight. This is a vortex into an apocalypctic soundscape created by means of a doomy Industrial bottom spiced up with a tad more uptempo and joyful Stoner Rock parts. It sounds kind of strange, though it actually works quite well, even though I more than once had to look up and see, if I had changed albums without noticing it. Crunchy guitar riffs paint the atmosphere, together with the vey expressive and quite varied vocals. A tight to spacy rhythm section adds bleak eeriness to the music, together with some of the guitar tones, the sky is painted quite black with subtle means. The setup going from spacy 70s light Progressive Rock, to more modern Stoner Rock to bleak and dystopic Industrial Doom is quite strange, though as written FIEND makes it work quite well, and most of the passages come quite natural, as the build ups are well done. The album needs a little time to get toally into, though it is worth the time, very strange and very mesmerizing at once! Enter the inconspiracy:,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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