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Former MAZE OF TORMENT-member Pete Flesh presents the debut of his new act FLESH “Dödsangest” which contains a cool slab of primitive yet individual and fresh sounding old school Death Metal. Accompanied by his DECEIVER-pal Flingan (session drums) the Swede is responsible for vokillz, guitar and bass performance and does a pretty good job in creating catchy, flthy tunes about all the good things in death: decomposure, rotting bodies, the putrid stench of decay and so on and so forth. With his morbid, coarse and original style of “singing” Mr. Flesh gives the musically pretty traditional setup of his brand of slightly thrashing Death Metal a welcome touch of individuality and an own identity. “Dödsangest” definitely does not contain the most violent, sick Death Metal you’ve ever heard, but nice and entertaining solid material any fan of late 80s, early 90s Death Metal should enjoy instantly! Produced at Abyss Studio by Tommy Tägtgren the album is also very powerful and (unfortunately?) not old-fashioned sounding, making it also recommendable for those of you who prefer a production meeting contemporary standards and not concentrating on replicating the ancient sound. So, visit the Pete Flesh website or the one of Iron Fist and check out this cool piece of Death fuckin’ Metal! www.peteflesh.tk www.ironfistrec.cjb.net

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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