Worship The Soul Of Disgust
(Pulverised Records)
41:35 min

Judging from the overall packaging / layout and background of the band members (that played in bands such as MAZE OF TORMENT and DECEIVER) this is supposed to be a cool old school Death Metal release that I am supposed to like. Well, at least that’s what I thought in the first place, but sadly “Worship The Soul Of Disgust” is a rather boring attempt to play old school Death Metal. Some “ok” parts float here and there and I even think – at points – that FLESH might have some potential but in total the material totally failed to gain my attention and interest. To begin with, the drums are boring as hell, no changes in tempo, no imagination, no personality, nothing. The same goes to the incredibly inspireless songs, not memorable at all (very few cool guitar parts). The only part I enjoyed is the rather cool vocals that in a sense “save” some tracks from sounding totally awful. I cannot personally consider this as an old school Death Metal record; to begin with this is not dark at all! With song titles such as ‘Fuck The Romantic – Fuck The Gothic’, ‘Sluts & Whores’, ‘My Penis Will Be Your Opera’ I think that FLESH are more interested in getting a “shock” / black-humor side out there rather than an obscure one, which makes them totally unsuitable for my cup of ancient Death Metal. Perhaps other Death Metal fans would appreciate their effort more than I did. www.freewebs.com/peteflesh, www.pulverised.net

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

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