Völuspa Part II: The Arrival Of Fenris
(No Colours Records)

Almost everything I had written back when I reviewed the first album of FORTÍÐ could be repeated here with the exception that also almost everything has become better, the songs seem to have more flow, the overall sound is better, especially the clean vocals have a tendency towards early POTENTIAM material which I personally prefer, and for all those who liked the first album this is probably a must-have. Yet still, it is the obvious lack of originality, the ingredients one knows from acts like ENSLAVED, KAMPFAR and the like, plus some early Norway keyboard Black Metal, are so omnipresent here, that I still don’t think one should call this essential. In times however, when Pagan or Viking Metal has become a swearword rather than a term for quality music, this is at least no waste of money or time. If you are looking for music like this, this is still a decent choice, and the second part even more than its predecessor. Unfortunately it does not look as if No Colours will give it a vinyl treatment.



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