Grudzien Za Grudniem
(Pagan Records)

What a big surprise! I never heard of Polish FURIA before and to discover such a killer release is one of the great parts of this job. Poland has a quite brutal (musicwise) and very healthy underground but also gives birth to jewels like FURIA’s "Grundzien Za Grundniem" which means "December after December". Released on Polish Pagan Records, this is their second full-length after their debut "Martwa Polska Jesien". This quartet seems to be quite busy in the scene ’cause they’re featured in MASSEMORD, QUINTESSENCE OF HATE and others. FURIA unleashes some wayward and intense Black Metal like a breath of fresh air! Wayward, because it incorporates parts you’ll most likely hear in progressive Metal. You’ll hear drama and depression but also hate and aggression and all so INTENSE that you will definately be blown away… mark my words! Titles and lyrics are in Polish, but that’s absolutely no problem. The fast parts reminded me of DARK FUNERAL, the emotional parts of ONDSKAPT and the progressive parts on OPETH. Well, sorry for thinking that France was the only country with such original Black Metal bands and for my limited vocabulary when it comes to this comparison ’cause insiders of Black Metal scene would probably name others, but it doesn’t change the fact that this music is mesmerizing on a very high level! Listen to a monstrous track like ‘Przechrzczony’ and your blood will boil from the pure adrenaline, passion and possession! Last thing for me to do is to say: BUY THIS ALBUM! Support the band and their awesome and dedicated label Pagan Records which hosts underground warriors like THRONEUM, HELLVETO and BLOODTHIRST! Don’t know any price but check: http://let-the-world-burn.org or www.pagan-records.com for their great webshop.

Michael Tak

Michael Tak

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