The Ending Quest
(Repulsive Echo Records)

Back in the beginning of the nineties the Swedish Death Metal scene was blasting off, as the most of you reading these pages should be fully aware of. Many of the bands back then had been migrating from Thrash into Death Metal, making it heavier and much more brutal, quite menacing with their buzzsaw riffing and guttural grunts. We all know the big slap of bands that got signed to the right labels at the right time, many still delivering quite good Death Metal today. Though then we had the rest, there were, as always, a good deal of bands without the right amount of talent and approach, and then we had the talented bands delivering hell of a blast, though signed with the wrong labels at the wrong time. One of the bands that signed the wrong label was GOREMENT, a band hailed as the next big thing, though they signed with German Crypta Records, which went out of business, not long time after the Swedes released their first and only full length album "The Ending Quest". An album hailed as one of the best and most brutal out of Sweden, both at the time being and present. After Crypta Records bellied up, the band recorded and released a promo in ’95, before changing name and style into PIPERS DAWN, which wasn’t a big success, and after that we didn’t hear much more from the guys, besides Jimmy Karlsson who did a stint with GRIEF OF EMERALD. "The Ending Quest" has seen a good deal of reissues after being treated silently for many years. First Necroharmonic Productions got hold of the license and did a release with all the band’s material. Then Century Media got hold of the rights, and then things started to happen, released as the album alone and with all GOREMENT’s material as well, and now we’ve received a cassette offspring from the Greek label Repulsive Echo Records, a nice see through purple tape, a logo embossed casing, the liner notes from Chris Dick, lyrics and all that you can crave! GOREMENT is delivering, as already written Death Metal, in the great Swedish style, a great focus on sweeping atmospheric guitar melodies, a good solid and heavy base with some buzzsaw going on, a slight epic doomy influence paints the album dark and sort of melancholic, together with it being quite brutal and punishing. The songwriting is stellar and it is hard not to being captivated by the melodies, brutal grunts and punishing rhythms, together the many organic shifts in the music. There can be drawn some similarities to the migthy EDGE OF SANITY, "The Ending Quest" is perhaps the epitome of said band’s first four releases. This is a must have album for all fans of Death Metal, and especially Swedish Death Metal, as it was part of pushing the genre onwards back then, and the recording is still stellar, and I reckon quite influential for a lot of purveyors of this splendid style of Death Metal today. Head across the fields of forever: www.facebook.com/gorement-137355626316306, www.facebook.com/repulsiveecho, www.repulsiveecho.com

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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