Masticate To Dominate
(Unique Leader Records)

After their two previous short in playing time yet extremely intense releases “Stabwound Intercourse” (1999) and “Bleeding Profusely” (2001) Chicago-based GORGASM deliver a new brutal Death Metal attack that easily stands competition with acts like DEEDS OF FLESH, DYING FETUS etc. GORGASM do not create something entirely new, but they do it damn good and due to their elaborated guitar work, the well-structured songs and the outstanding drumming certainly have their own face. Since GORGASM are around since 1994 (then known as CREMATORIUM) one can expect nothing but skilled musicianship and true dedication to the essential elements of brutal Death Metal. Where other bands focus on showing off their technique GORGASM emphasize the song itself and keep their material compact and straight forward. So if you enjoy Unique Leader’s other bands or generally dig excellent fast brutal Death Metal, get “Masticate To Dominate”! For MP3 and additional information visit www.violatedrot.com/gorgasm or www.uniqueleader-europe.com.

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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