Nera Estasi
(Schattenkult Produktionen)

The members of this Italian act play in the Death Metal band INVERTED. So I think this is the way they use their creativity in other form doing a very good kind of Black Metal here. Not far away from a sound done by EMPEROR although with bits here and there that recalls early WATAIN and some DEATHSPELL OMEGA. The performance I must mention is brilliant and the production values are also quite adequate for the style. It has that creepy melodic atmosphere on most songs, that at times sound quite trance-inducing. Also some acoustical interludes are used with judgement thus adding more artistic values to the release. If maybe there is something missing here is that guitar could be heavier and at some fast parts the snare drum sound gets a bit lost. Yet, it is quite interesting and really recalls a lot the spirit of the Norwegian wave of Black Metal. More info at: http://gorrch.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/pages/schattenkult-produktionen/695399133905557

Julián “Intima Tenebra” Nuñez

Julián "Intima Tenebra" Nuñez

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