Serpent's Curse
(Transcending Obscurity)

Well, it seems to me that a lot of contemporary Death Metal musicians either aren’t working to capacity with their main band or have their minds bubbling with plans and schemes for more than just one or two bands. Asides from Rogga, there’s another Swedish wizard of bands and projects with Jonny Pettersson. HEADS FOR THE DEAD is another project with him responsible for all the music. For vocal and lyrical duties, Ralf Hauber of REVEL IN FLESH became his partner in crime. And what a bastard of a crime they committed on their first joint effort “Serpent’s Curse”! This album has a variety of songs, based in Death Metal, but in different colors of Death. We have some rabid and fast songs with an unmistakeable D-Beat impact like the opening double of the title track and ‘Heads For The Dead’, the band anthem so to say. But we also find a lot of doomy Death Metal songs with hints on the mighty ASPHYX. The huge juggernaut ‘Down Below’ is a perfect example for these kind of songs, just like the creepy ‘The Awakening’ or ‘Of Wrath And Vengeance’ with its shitload of heaviness and breaks. And we should not forget the double pack of ‘Gate Creeper / Into The Great Beyond’ here, that reminds a lot of the slower REVEL IN FLESH songs, not only because of the vocals. To relax the huge Doom dose, there are also fast, short and painful Death Metal rippers like ‘Post Mortem Suffering’, that somehow reminds me of DEATH BREATH, or ‘Death Calls’. Almost in the end, ‘Return To Fathomless Darkness’ sums up the qualities of HEADS FOR THE DEAD as an ultimate combination of all skills of the album, a song full of nasty barbs. But wait, this is not the end of the album. ‘In Darkness You Feel No Regrets’ is a cover of a classic Swedish D-Beat masterpiece from WOLFBRIGADE, which got a special deathly treatment from Jonny and Ralf. Not the worst choice to end a pretty cool album that combines two of my favorite kinds of extreme Metal. Find out more about HEADS FOR THE DEAD at www.facebook.com/headsforthedead or visit the very dedicated label either at https://tometal.com or https://transcendingobscurity.bandcamp.com

Thomas Meyer

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