Medical Waste
(Deathvomit Records)

After last year’s excellent full-length autopsy “Mondo Medicale” US CARCASS-loving pathologists IMPALED deliver another bloodbath. This time it is a MCD filled with new songs, live tracks, cover versions and some bonus material stolen from the 2001 release “Choice Cuts”. Although I do not understand why the “Choice Cuts” songs were reissued here, I have to admit that this MCD is definitely worth a dime and no IMPALED-addict should miss it! The new tunes ‘Choice Cuts’ and ‘Gross Anatomy’ hold up the morbid quality standard the band defined on the last album, the two cover songs – DEADBOLT’s ‘The Hearse’ and NIRVANA’s ‘Tourettes’ (!!!) – underline once again the sickened humour of the IMPALED-surgeons and the live-versions of ‘Until Death’ (including a nice homage to CARCASS in form of the opening part of ‘Ruptured In Purulence’) and ‘Back To The Grave’ have a great sound and capture IMPALED’s onstage intensity quite well. The cover artwork is gory and funny as always and certainly will be work for the censorship dudes. To sum it up: except the pretty lame recycling of previous released material as bonus tracks to make this MCD look like an album I can not make out anything negative about ‘Medical Waste’. You definitely will not find any real “waste” on this release, so be sure to check it out!

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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