Choice Cuts
(Deathvomit Records / Necropolis Records)

The CARCASS legacy lives on, cause America’s very own IMPALED not only go for a similar shocking / provoking visual side (if you dare, click here to check out their completely over the top cover art) as the legendary UK grinders, they also write their songs in a pretty similar manner. Being quite obviously influenced the most by the “Symphonies Of Sickness” period, these four sick individuals still come up with astonishing results that every fan of vintage CARCASS should easily freak out on. And considering that “Choice Cuts” is “just” a compilation of the band’s “From Here To Colostomy” demo, their tracks off the split 7″ EP with ENGORGED, two cover tunes (IMPETIGO and… you name it: CARCASS!), plus unreleased versions of songs that later ended up on their debut full length “The Dead Shall Dead Remain” – the (recording) quality is still highly impressive! Low tuned, grinding Death Metal with the CARCASS typical double vocal delivery (deeply grunted vs. aggressive) and a quite remarkable riffing turn this collection into the best CARCASS alternative ever since NECRONY’s cool debut back in the 90s. But this here is even more raw and sick, yet very well executed, so everyone into stuff like that shouldn’t hesitate and immediately give IMPALED a listen. And I really start to wonder of which quality their “real” full length must have been (which I never heard…), if these semi-professional recordings already know to impress in such a big way… IMPALED are quite obviously ready to conquer, so beware!

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

IMPALED - Dementia Rex (Stefan Franke)
IMPALED - Medical Waste (Stefan Franke)
IMPALED - Mondo Medicale (Stefan Franke)
IMPALED - interview (Stefan Franke)

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