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If you considered buying this for the simple reason that INFERNAL is the new home of former NASTY SAVAGE frontman "Nasty" Ronnie Galletti, think again. This release is a slap in the face of every NASTY SAVAGE fan in the first place, but also for Death Metal maniacs in general. This 3-tracker (plus intro and outro) originally was a demo tape which original release dates back to 1995 already. And the quality of the recording is nothing more than that. I don’t understand why such a brilliant vocalist as Nasty Ronnie is wasting his talents for low grunted nonsense like this. Musically INFERNAL is slightly technical, yet very average Death Metal with a very poor executed vocal delivery of Mr. Galletti himself. The only song worth a mention probably is ‘Sardonic Mosaic’, as it features one of Ronnie’s wellknown high screams and a short, moody keyboard middle section. Poorly packaged (the inside artwork was already used on MORBID ANGEL’s "Covenant" disc) and definitely not worth being released on compact disc. A full length album is announced already, so let’s wait for that.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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