Ipsus Universum
(Blood Harvest Records)

Mexican outfit INFINITUM OBSCURE were quite active in finding a label to (re-)release their old stuff. They found Blood Harvest Records to release their already in 2007 recorded 7" EP "Obscuridad Eterna" and are now back with the re-release in form of a nice packed 10" EP (including a new coverpainting provided by T. Ketola) of their part of the split CD with ANCIENT GODS originally released in 2003. And INFINITUM OBSCURE did well in searching for a label to release those 2 recordings as we talk about great original Death Metal. The 4 songs featured on this 10" feature dark and brutal Death Metal with great riffs mixed with hints of DISSECTION-esque guitars here and there (especially in ‘Storm Of Impious Hatred’) which suit well to the brutalism they offer. Brutal dark and vicious Death Metal with a dose of atmospheric guitar tunes in the classic Nödtveidt-vein is kinda unusual these days. The vocal style of bandhead Roberto Lizárraga is quite untypical for this brutal type of Death Metal, too, as his vocals are not deep and growling, more screaming in the way of SADISTIC INTENT’s Bay Cortez. INFINITUM OBSCURE offer great outstanding Death Metal which you don’t hear on every corner and therefore this re-release is the right feast for all vinyl junkies out there. Be prepared for their new album "Sub Atris Caelis" to be released within the next couple of weeks through Blood Harvest Records (vinyl) and American Deathgasm Records (CD). Check out and

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

INFINITUM OBSCURE - Cosmic Evil / Ipsus Universum (Stefan Franke)
INFINITUM OBSCURE - Ascension Through The Luminous Black (Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez)
INFINITUM OBSCURE - Obscuridad Eterna (Thomas Ehrmann)
INFINITUM OBSCURE - The Luminous Black (Michael Tak)
INFINITUM OBSCURE - Sub Atris Caelis (Michael Tak)
INFINITUM OBSCURE - interview (Frank Stöver)

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