Obscuridad Eterna
(Blood Harvest Records)

With YOTZ # 34 ("year of the zombie" – for those who don’t know how Blood Harvest Records count their release) Blood Harvest Records offers us a recording from February 2007 of Mexican based Death Metal outfit INFINITUM OBSCURE. This band already released a few other recordings of which their debut album "Internal Dark Force" from 2006 might be their most known one. ‘Obscurity Rises…’ makes the start as some kind of instrumental riff lasting Metal-intro before the song flows directly into the blasting drums of ‘Possessing The Fire’. INFINITUM OBSCURE’s brand of Death Metal is of the faster kind of it with many blastbeats, but also a huge dose of unusual Black Metal-guitar harmonies which suit them very good. When I listened to ‘Possessing The Fire’ for the first time I had to think of DISSECTION because of those guitar riffs which are kinda unique for such a brutal form of Death Metal. Well, DISSECTION and especially Jon Nödtveidt get praised then on side B with a cover version of their classic ‘Son Of The Mourning’ from their 7" EP "Into Infinite Obscurity" from 1991. All I can say is that "Oscuridad Eterna" is a must have for all true underground supporter and INFINITUM OBSCURE another name in the Death Metal world to keep an eye on. Available through Check out and

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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