The Way Of The Berserker
(Xtreem Music)

ITNUVETH is a two piece Black Metal band from Spain. Interesting enough, they do have a very strong Heavy Metal approach, as well as some elements that might qualify them as Pagan Metal. Truth is that the Heavy Metal part is quite strong here and even if I am sure they are using a drum machine, it is done quite right. The vocals are diabolically performed by a female and those are more into the usual Black Metal shrieks, although a bit more controlled and not that high pitched. The style reminds me of obvious BATHORY to WINDIR and some ENSLAVED. The Folk parts actually recall more of the Power Metal – esque of bands rather than the more extreme ones, but in all sound quite adequate. Although I am sure I have heard very similar riffs here and there, ITNUVETH does it in a pretty convincing way. I will not be surprised if by a new album the vocals change or the music becomes more atmospheric, as it sometimes can be felt in the aura they play. If you are a fan of the style, then go look for this one right now, and do not get fooled by the somewhat cartoony cover art, which anyway depicts the music in more than a way.,

Julián “Northern Demon” Núñez

Julián "Northern Demon" Núñez

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