Mass Genocide Ritual

Talking about being old school I think nothing is more old school today than when ordering a demo in the year 2007 to receive a demo cassette instead of CD. Man, I was really surprised and didn’t expect anything like that. Honestly, I had serious doubts if my tapedeck on my stereo still plays cassettes and luckily it worked very well, haha. This old school behaviour happened to me when ordering the 2nd demo “Mass Genocide Ritual” of Swedish KATALYSATOR and after the first shock (haha) I focused on the music and to tell you the truth, what can you expect from a bunch of 15-17 year old boys calling themselves P. Pestilence, A. Obscene, G. Grotesque, H. Death and A. Asphy? Nothing less than a band sounding like a mix between GROTESQUE and NIHILIST. Really, this is one of the most amazing and surprising releases within the last couple of months and there were many of them lately. Every tune sounds so fucking raw and honest here and the strange thing is it doesn’t sound like a copy, it sounds like the guys initiated this sound. The guitars are shredding just like on the old NIHILIST demos and even as the sound isn’t probably on the highest level it fits so perfectly together. I’m sure we will have a lot of fun with these Death Metal freaks in the near future and I can’t wait to hear their next release. Their upcoming plans are to play a lot of live shows and later to record a 7″EP. Blood Harvest Records, what are you waiting for?? So better go out and send 30skr (swe), 4 Euro (europe) or 4 $ (US and rest of the world) to this address: Gottfrid Åhman, Rörbäcksvägen 27, 75752 Uppsala, Sweden

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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KATALYSATOR - by Thomas Ehrmann

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