Death Illusions

My hometown Bremen always had something fine to offer! Asides from pure Metal bands like SECRECY or ETERNAL REIGN, there always was a vivid Punk scene that not only gave us largely known acts like RUMBLE MILITIA, who are deeply rooted in Punk and Hardcore, or MIMMIS, but also bands like D.B.F. or THE UNDECIDED, bands that should (have) receive(d) more attention. The latest damn good band from here is KILLBITE, who were already featured here with their first demo last year by yours truly. And now they are back with another demo after a vinyl 10” called “Brilliant Hell” that consisted mainly of songs from the first demo. Their newest blast is called “Death Illusions”, released as a tape (yes, they are alive!). In the meantime they added a second guitar player and a new drummer took the seat from Herb: Ballo, a drummer of high renown in the German Punk scene. Sometimes new musicians mean a slight change in the musical direction as well, even though the productive core of the band remained the same. For KILLBITE, this means a little step into a more Punk based sound, without losing the crusty Metal edge of WOLFBRIGADE. Yet “Death Illusions” is a huge kick in the face, with a steel toe! The ‘Intro’ starts off a little subdued, like it is to introduce a TRAGEDY album. But it’s only building the tension for the first real overkill: ‘Lampedusa’, a fine Crust Punk outburst of anger that deals with the fate of the refugees who nearly drowned in the Mediterranean Sea over the last years and the way they were treated by the authorities and the public. Yes, KILLBITE are political, they are critical and they are extremely pissed at the situation in Germany! And for good reasons, by the way. The title track is screamed in English and reminds a little bit of HELLSHOCK already, since the speed is slowed down here. Yet, this one is fuckn’ brutal. ‘Wutbürger’ is as angry as the title suggests, since the title translates with “enraged citizen” and deals with the rising rage of the people in Germany, scattering in all directions, left or right. ‘Joystick Generation’ is also sung in German and musically tends in the direction of the mighty HELLSHOCK again. ‘Verbaler Faustschlag’ is more midtempo and groove based, so this one really rocks and will evoke circle pits at the live shows for sure. With the final metallized Crust smasher ‘Cloud Nine’ we have the second song here with English lyrics. This one was also on the first demo and shows best the musical progress of KILLBITE, since the new version is much more dynamic due to a little the more Punk oriented sound of “Death Illusions”. With some joy and a grin in the face, I must admit that KILLBITE made a step forward by taking a step back, kicking asses even harder. Get this tape if you’re also digging some brutal Crust stuff, since it is done with love and features a patch and poster with lyrics and info. Visit them at: or

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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