This one is for all those Crust heads here! KILLBITE is a new band from Bremen, Germany. The core of the band is identical to local Punk heroes KOMMANDO KAP HOORN, with Mick (guitars), U.Lee (bass) and Herb (drums). But since U.Lee didn’t want to do the vocals again, they got a guy called Latex as a singer. Less than half a year after they started, KILLBITE recorded their first songs and put them out as a demo. Thanks to the fact that they already used to play together, these songs kill! Six pretty short outbreaks of rage, with brutal D-Beat drumming and quite metallic guitars make KILLBITE a pleasure for those who dig stuff like WOLFBRIGADE, SKITSYSTEM or earlier DISFEAR. The brilliant opener ‘Manage To Damage’ already leaves no question unanswered, straight forward Crust with breaks that reminded me of the latest USURPRESS album. ‘Permanent Pressure’ even has some reminiscences of newer NAPALM DEATH outputs. Yes, this is my cup of tea (or coffee), definitely. Rough and brutal stuff, deeply rooted in Swedish and English Crust and old school Grind- and Stenchcore, with a fine finger twist of melodies and harmonies in the veins of TRAGEDY. But KILLBITE are never family friendly for sure. To quote the band info: "KILLBITE don’t waste time, just shit in the middle of the room under applause." ‘Nuff said! For infos, check out or To download the demo for free, go to

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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