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MARDUK is without a doubt one of the most influential bands of the whole Black Metal cult and releases like “Those Of The Unlight” and the follow up “Opus Nocturne” and / or “Nightwing” offer so many cult songs that the famous word ‘cult’ is this time more than applicable. But empires fall and even the great Babylonian demon has lost some of its shining amour / bloody image. I still remember their ‘famous’ “Plague Angel” release gig with a lot of astonished fans due to the fact that the whole band left the stage after performing only 7 songs – in total 35 minutes playing time – major reason for this desaster was a bloody mess on stage instead of the planed black mass. Their last handful of releases including live and best of compilations still received the required media attention but in some way the dark majestic spirit was gone – this former spirit far away from the high speed Black Metal attacks of their artillery hit album. But I’m really impressed about the musical diversity of “Wormwood” which makes the album the best MARDUK releases since at least 10 years. It’s for sure not a complete return to the mentioned classic times but the band is still an angry bunch of Black Metal terrorists with an true Black Metal album which perfectly incorporates the other – more majestic – side of this style. Especially ‘Funeral Dawn’ and ‘Phosphoruos Redeemer’ with the sick vocal effects and dark choruses are maybe not the most typical MARDUK songs of the last decade but still killer tracks. This album is an unexpected highlight and a light beacon for all true supporters of the secrets of Black (Metal) arts – and a warning to all the fans which nearly laid this band to rest – including myself.,,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

MARDUK - Dark Endless (Mirco Szymyslik)
MARDUK - Infernal Eternal (Darragh O' Leary)
MARDUK - Frontschwein (Bart Gabriel)
MARDUK - World Funeral (Stefan Franke)
MARDUK - La Grande Danse Macabre (Frank Stöver)
MARDUK - interview (Ramon Claassen)

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