Plague, Waste And Death / Enter The Sea Of Flames
(Barbarian Wrath Records)
41:40min / 40:36min

If you are convinced the once mighty Quorthon would be better now taking some rest in a sanitarium, and that the future of BATHORY lies in the past, I have the perfect band for you in the shape of MORRIGAN. This German outfit walks on the steps of the ancient Swedish God of Black Metal, and everything, from the album titles to the cover artwork, the lyrics and the music makes reference to him. MORRIGAN are no other than a new incarnation of MAYHEMIC TRUTH, and drummer Balor and guitarist Beliar carry on again their destructive duties exactly from where they left them. What pleases me the most with MORRIGAN is the fact that they create a sort of synthesis of all the BATHORY periods. Sure, the core of the music brings immediately back in mind the classic album "Blood, Fire, Death", just listen to the intro of ‘Plague, Waste And Death’ (the title says it all…) and I think the tribute is obvious, but the German barbarians have enough taste to not forget the raw first two albums of their Swedish predecessor, and of course they also throw in some elements from the "epic era" of BATHORY, when Quorthon explored his Nordic roots. No less than three tracks on "Plague, Waste And Death" are mid-paced epic songs, while the rest is an assault of primitive Black Metal, the way it ever should have been played. I confess I do prefer this album over "Enter The Sea Of Flames", because the latter features epic songs with clear voice prominently, and so reminds "Twilight Of The Gods" and "Hammerheart" a lot, two albums I am not so fond of. But I know for sure that this kind of epic stuff pleases a lot of people, so I suppose they will get here what "Destroyer Of The Worlds" cannot give them. MORRIGAN, a little bit like ABSU, are more oriented towards Celtic mythology than to the Scandinavian one, even if you also find some satanic and warlike songs included in the two albums. Far from being a lame replacement of a once great band, MORRIGAN resurrect a sadly defunct era when Black Metal didn’t mean experimenting with keyboards, ambient "music", gothic vibes and feminine voice. That alone could justify an immediate purchase. Don’t hesitate to invest some money buying these two albums, because even if MORRIGAN didn’t discover anything, they play their music with rage and obvious passion. Get these two at: and enjoy!

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

MORRIGAN - Split (Dick Osmond)
MORRIGAN - Diananns Whisper (Thomas Meyer)
MORRIGAN - Celts (Frank Stöver )
MORRIGAN - The Damned (Manolis A. )
MORRIGAN - Welcome To Samhain (Frank Stöver)
MORRIGAN - Headcult (Andi Bauer )
MORRIGAN - Celts (Frank Stöver )
MORRIGAN - Celts (Roy Kristensen)
MORRIGAN - interview (Frank Stöver)

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