The Damned
(Undercover Records)

I admit that after listening to MORRIGAN’s “The Damned” and reading a couple of reviews on their past releases, I realized that I was into a somehow strange position. It seems that all previous reviews somehow “apply” to the last album as well and the reason is simple: MORRIGAN have forged a pure, epic, BATHORY-like sound that characterizes them so they keep on riding the same way. Along with their previous releases, “The Damned” pays tribute to the “epic” BATHORY era of “Blood Fire Death” and “Hammerheart” but with identity and personality! I really like the fact that they incorporate both black-ish and epic vocals, although the black-ish ones are more dominant throughout the album. Most songs are more than interesting with the opening track being the best moment of the album. I consider that MORRIGAN are by far better from all other contemporary “epic” Black Metal bands that seem to be more interested in politics and proving to be “true” pagans or whatever. The only “negative” thing was that some spoken parts exist between the songs that are all done in German. Well, taking outside personal taste (I don’t like spoken parts) it is all done in German so most probably it is somehow boring when you can’t understand a word (although I got a feel what the concept is about). But ok, let’s not make a big deal out of it, since MORRIGAN’s latest effort will make BATHORY maniacs and remaining epic Black Metallers more than proud.

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

MORRIGAN - Split (Dick Osmond)
MORRIGAN - Diananns Whisper (Thomas Meyer)
MORRIGAN - Plague, Waste And Death / Enter The Sea... (Edouard Vergriete)
MORRIGAN - Celts (Frank Stöver )
MORRIGAN - Welcome To Samhain (Frank Stöver)
MORRIGAN - Headcult (Andi Bauer )
MORRIGAN - Celts (Frank Stöver )
MORRIGAN - Celts (Roy Kristensen)
MORRIGAN - interview (Frank Stöver)

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