Death Surrounds Us

MORTE is another horde hailing from the Death Metal strong country Poland. The band is active since 2001 already but due to several line-up changes and a period, where the band was put on hold, they only now release their first full-length in form of “Death Surrounds Us” on their own. The presented nine tracks with a running time of thirty-seven minutes can be described best as blackened Death Metal. The band wanders between solid Death Metal with evil guitar tunes enriched by some thrashy riffs and slow and very powerful quicker Death / Black Metal tunes. The guitar work is very solid and sounds quite matured as well as the drumming, which is technical and powerful. The vocals vary between the classic grunts and some aggressive screams with a lot of hatred in it. Here and there their sound and guitar work reminds me of mighty MORBID ANGEL but surely a lot of US bands have left some traces in their sound. The overall impression is quite good, even though I miss some individuality in their sound and songwriting. The production is clear and powerful and all in all a solid first release from my landmates. I am curious to follow their future development and if my words made you also curious, check these guys out at and support their self-released CD.

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

MORTEM - interview (Sergei Pismeny, Manolis A., Anders Peter Jørgensen, Alfonso Perez, Frank Stöver)

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