Imis Avernis
(Cold Dimensions)

Containing a former member of the much acclaimed LUNAR AURORA, MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI are a Black Metal band firmly entrenched in the spiritual and arcane. With many a serpentine tremelo riff similar to NIGHTBRINGER or, perhaps, DARVULIA, the band waste no time erecting an ethereal world very much their own. One can almost see the panoply of colors and fleeting glimpses of mist swirling round and about a forgotten spire. There are a fair amount of slow, and acoustic passages, all equally evocative and thought provoking. The vocal work is done not with a shriek, nor a bark, not even a nasally snarl, but a shadowed, gravelly dictation of sorts like DODHEIMSGARD used on “Kronet Til Konge”. It’s a good thing that bands like this still exist; bands who don’t waste disc space. A great achievement.

Nathan Shapiro

Nathan Shapiro

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