Northern Remembrance
(Konqueror Records)

When I read that MYKORRHIZA are Swedish Death Metal and even have one member that played in EXCRUCIATE I started hoping that Mykorrhiza would be an interesting Death Metal band. Sadly, “Northern Remembrance” proved to be more or less an indifferent album, at least for me. They have some pretty good parts here and there, they even have some riffs that gained my attention, all members are really good technically but I guess that they don’t have anything new to offer to a genre that is already saturated by tons of well-played, well-delivered – still indifferent – albums. I guess what Mykorrhiza should try to do is draw some inspiration in order to bring forth interesting, fresh ideas. If you need some serious, killer Swedish Death Metal boost, go buy NECROVATION.,

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

MYKORRHIZA - Kingdom Lost (Anders Peter Jørgensen)
MYKORRHIZA - Shattered Dreams (Frank Stöver )
MYKORRHIZA - Mykorrhiza (Frank Stöver)

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