Hacked To Perfection
(BadGod Music)

Florida in the 90s. That pretty much defines this American duo’s debut album. Actually I would say that this is a bit more brutal. So, it takes also the NY sound of that same era. I can hear an early to mid era DEATH influence, and the style also reminded me of BRUTALITY. With a killer guitar sound and an almost flawless execution, one would think this album deserves a better fate… yes it deserves human drums. And that, no matter what, takes a lot of emotion in the music. All those years cannot disguise my ear; I knew those drums were too damn fake to be real. Call me old fashioned but I will always prefer and enjoy the minimal imperfect playing of a human performer that all those pro-tools wankery that usually makes any so-so band good. In this case, I am sure the band has a lot of potential; some of their composition skills are twisted and as depraved as some of their gory lyrical approach like in the song ‘Sloppy Surgery’. Also, I appreciate the fact that they didn’t took the usual low growling cookie monster vocal approach. There are also some slight technical blinks here and there, thus making it more interesting, at times sounding to me like a more straight forward PESTILENCE from the “Spheres” album. The overall sound also recalls a lot the Morrisound sound, even if I can hear the bass, it is way too buried in the mix. So, while this is interesting and can be a good and enjoyable listen, like the song ‘Snuff Film Superstar’, a less polished sound and a human drummer should be an interesting move. Oh and the horrible cover art looks way too out of place in 2012…,

Julian “Devourer” Nuñez

Julian "Devourer" Nuñez

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