Drive The Knife Deeper
(Folter Records)

If you are guided by the name of a band, then the name of this Polish trio might make you think of Hardcore. Then again the meaning goes further than that, and it is also released by the respectable Folter Records which has made a name in releasing quality Black Metal. This relatively new band releases their debut album in 6 songs of fast paced hatred Metal, which recalls at times early MARDUK with a more modern BEHEMOTH touch, and even a tiny bit of industrial can be heard in the final result. I am tempted to think that the drums are done by a machine due to the almost martial sound they have, but no, it seems a machine-like drummer is the one responsible for this very intense almost all-speed Black Metal attack. On one hand, if the band plays mostly very fast and intense, I see no need for a long album, and in this case, the length of the overall product is quite adequate. The quite very good production fits also well within the style of aggressive with a subtle touch of melody in the main riffs here and there. One can sense that hatred is what drives this band rather than a cult for the dark one, so the term Black Metal refers more in a musical than ideological sense, although no one can deny that the infernal one is behind all that black energy. As it is, this is a very competent Black Metal band which uses a modern sound but without falling into a pure pro-tools forgery. I only think that a bit of more variety will only help the band more, and maybe the use of a dirtier production. For some reason those who appreciates a more “mechanical” form of fast evil Metal will surely find this one in their liking.,

Julián “Throatcrush” Nuñez

Julián "Throatcrush" Nuñez

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