Thghtlss Lght
(Ván Records)

NRVK, also known as NARVIK, was founded in Germany around 2006 and the name was chosen as a reaction to the death of the musician Robert Burås, who lived in Narvik (Norway) and whom some members of the band consider as massive inspiration. MADRUGADA, named after the spanish word for the blue hour before dawn; is a Norwegian Alternative Rock band formed in the town of Stokmarknes in 1993 and for twelve years, Buras was the guitarist and songwriter of this influential group in continental Europe. After releasing their debut full-length “Triebe Nach Der Endlichkeit” (Urges For Endlessness) in 2013, they released two EPs named “Snake Of Paradise” and “Fecundity Of Death” consecutively in the year of 2014 and 2015. Continuing that, NARVIK released their sophomore full-length "Ascension To Apotheosis" during 2016, in co-operation with Folter Records which was praised as one of the finest conventional Black Metal albums of that year. Being silent for few years, these German Black Metallers made a new pact with prestigious Ván Records and are now back with an EP “Thghtlss Lght", on limited and hand-numbered compact disc and vinyl record editions. This EP consists of three tracks, with a length of close to 26 minutes and at initial exposure it’s apparent that, NARVIK taken the distinguished traits of their previous releases; but traversed through more uncharted sound-scapes and constructed lengthy yet narrative build ups by embracing their darkened melodies and disharmonic vision. The initiator, ‘Shattering The Vessels’, will give the perfect presentation of such narrative build up with shivering tremolo warfare and plenty of freezing riffing. This makes way for a rather striking attack forged by ‘Womb Of Lilith’, which encapsulate the essences of NARVIK, as the band going for that cold Scandinavian inspired arrangements and transitions throughout the composition. The third and final offering, ‘Into The Patterns Of Ajna’, will expose itself as a wholesome effort where breaking down its technical aspects would not summarize its strength and inner meaning. As, Ajna, which is considered as the energy center within our bodies that is responsible for intuition, imagination, thought, and self-awareness; gradually takes shapes here with movements constructed by ritualistic vocal, acoustic laden mid tempo guitar and astute drums work. Presented with a engrossing artwork by Misanthropic Art, NARVIK‘s “Thghtlss Lght" is an offering to shake the weak, the undecided, or the uncommitted, but it is absolutely rewarding for the devoted who quest for command, vigor, and pleasure through music. If you are striving to walk this path, and bring that power, strength, and pleasure, explore “Thghtlss Lght". Get more info about the band at:, or visit their label page:

Randolph Whateley

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