Sanctum Disruption, Sphere Of The Rotting
(Vic Records)

Vic Records not only re-released the debut "The Callous Concept" (review can be found here) by OBTRUNCATION but also the band’s two demos "Sanctum Disruption" and "Sphere Of Rotting", recorded 1991 respectively 1992. The first demo is, as with many other bands, more aggressive, raw and a little bit clumsy. Riff, blast beat, riff, solo, blast beat. Especially the high-speed drumming makes the songs tend much into the Grindcore direction. Considering the vocals the band tries to be versatile, it is a mix of grunts, shrieks and aggressive shouting. And of course the sound lacks of tightness, sometimes it feels like the music is miles away from your speakers. But I do not mind, since I like this aggressive and rude style and I do not bother whether I am listening to a newcomer band via Bandcamp or some old demo stuff which has a quarter of a century on the hump. Same goes for the second demo, whereas this time the sound is more murky while the style has not changed much. Last up is the bonus track ‘Aroused By The Deceased’, performed live at Schedelpop Festival, Oostburg, October 22, 1994. The sound is awful and close to being not listenable. As much as I can understand the purpose of bonus tracks, but not everything ever recorded is worth being published. But this does apply only for the bonus track, not for the whole release. www.facebook.com/obtruncation, www.vicrecords.com

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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